Baby crocodiles

After three months incubation, the babies are born alone by breaking the egg shell. The mother is alerted by the cries and comes to help them with the sand and egg. Its will delicately take them to the river where the babies will instinctively swim. In the natural area an average of 5 crocodiles out of 100 will become an adult. At the birth, the crocodiles weigh half a kilo and are 12cm long. They will become 30cm long at the end of the first year.


Five months after the coupling between the male and female, the female buries between 20 and 80 eggs in the sand under the sun and covers them. At the farm, the eggs are collected in the ponds before being put in an incubator at the nursery.

The nursery has a glazed window which allows the visitors to see the new born installed in an aquarium.

The babies essentially eat insects, worms, grubs and snails. When they will become bigger they will start eating fishes and frogs.